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Case Management Services

The path toward lasting recovery is different for everyone, and we don’t expect our clients to do it on their own. We provide a blueprint that serves as a comprehensive guide to recovery, comprising precisely what a client needs to do to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Each client works with a dedicated case manager who serves as their primary point of contact and makes sure their recovery is on track. The client/case manager relationship is a significant, empowering one, as the two will work together to plan for next steps upon completion of detox.


Detox can be an overwhelming, uncertain time for clients and their families. A case manager is a valuable asset, eliminating uncertainty by making sure their client receives the care they deserve and stays on track. A case manager’s specific responsibilities comprise a few different elements, which include:

  • Ensuring that the client is receiving an adequate combination of clinical, holistic and spiritual programming.
  • Coordinating treatment with Makana Path clinical and medical staff.
  • Serving as a primary point of contact for family members.
  • Planning for aftercare.

Recover With Us


A good case manager is a critical component of a lasting recovery. Makana Path’s expert team of case managers can guide you through detox and navigate through subsequent stages of treatment. Call 1-866-922-0776 to speak with an Admissions Counselor and to learn more about how our case management services can help you or someone you love.


For many people who complete detox at Makana Path, primary residential treatment is the next step in their recovery journey. A client will work with their case manager to plan for that next phase of treatment, whether it’s a residential treatment program like BRC Recovery, or a sober living program like Segue Recovery Support.

Each client is different. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has different goals. A case manager serves as an advocate and ally. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing you have someone on your side who has only your best interest in mind. A case manager can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.