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January 15, 2020

What is an Intensive Healing Program?

intensive healing program

Addiction affects much more than just the physical body, which is why the most effective recovery programs address the whole person in a holistic approach. Addiction affects a person’s mental state, emotions, and behavior, in addition to physical well-being. An intensive healing program seeks to heal clients from within, addressing underlying issues that contribute to substance use. Intensive healing involves a variety of approaches designed to provide healing on a deeper level.

While no single type of treatment works for every individual, an addiction recovery program that addresses all of the client’s needs, rather than just the physical addiction, are typically more effective. Addiction is a complex disease and treatment may involve factors such as improving spiritual wellness as well as physical wellness. Intensive healing is ideal for people who have relapsed or whose lifestyles aren’t conducive to a long term primary residential treatment program, such as busy working professionals or parents.

The interconnection between body, mind, and spirit is critical to addiction recovery. Strengthening these connections requires holistic and intensive healing programs designed to help the addict become a healthy and fully integrated person. Spiritual healing can be as important as cleansing the body of toxic chemicals when addressing an addict’s full recovery.

Spiritual Wellness

Intensive healing programs focus on spiritual wellness to help recovering addicts rediscover those meaningful connections in their lives. Spiritual healing enables individuals to find deeper meaning, to develop harmony and balance between their inner emotions and thought processes and their external world. Spiritual wellness leads the individual to a path of meaning and purpose, critical elements in their recovery.

Spiritual wellness is not about religion, but rather it can be defined by faith, ethics, and values as they are connected to the greater self and to the outside world. Gaining a sense of purpose and meaning can help the recovering addict make healthier decisions, particularly when faced with tough or tempting choices.

Relapse Focus

The holistic approach of an intensive healing program addresses many of the issues that may cause a person to relapse after addiction treatment. Relapse does not mean the recovery program has failed. Recovery is an ongoing process and there are many obstacles along the way for the recovering addict.

Relapse can result from a person returning to an unhealthy environment or associating with individuals who are still addicts themselves. The pressure to use drugs or alcohol again can be tremendous in recovery. Intensive healing programs give recovering addicts the tools they need to resist those temptations and make wiser decisions.

Makana Path’s Intensive Healing Program consists of 3 weeks (21 days) or 6 weeks (42 days) of focused programming, which is ideal for people who have relapsed but who cannot logistically participate in a long term primary residential treatment program. Our program lays the groundwork for permanent recovery for someone who has relapsed.

Holistic Approach

While physical recovery is important, a holistic approach to addiction treatment also addresses the individual’s spiritual and emotional needs. Exercise and healthy eating aid in making the body stronger, just as addressing underlying issues can make the mind stronger. Old belief systems can limit recovery. Spiritual wellness can help individuals work through trauma, family dynamics, and self-defeating behavior patterns, and work toward healing and holistic health.

At Makana Path, we schedule each day with programming that addresses the whole person as we work on healing those old belief systems that limit clients in multiple areas of their lives. Critical topics include:

  • Recovery from trauma
  • Family of origin patterns
  • Shame
  • Attachment styles
  • Developing healthy relationships and intimacy.

The Intensive Healing Program at Makana Path takes a holistic approach that utilizes a combination of clinical and complementary therapies, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step education, although our program is primarily clinically driven
  • Individual assignments
  • Physical exercise with a certified personal trainer
  • Healthy meal preparation.

If You Need Help, Contact Makana Path

At Makana Path, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to recovery. We help people on their journey to a substance-free life, recognizing that recovery isn’t easy. Having access to support and finding the right tools makes all the difference. To learn more about our intensive healing program, contact Makana Path today by calling 1-866-905-4550.