Nutrition and Addiction Recovery


Nutrition During Active Addiction Anyone who has experienced drug or alcohol addiction understands that it takes over every aspect of your life. In an effort to relieve discomfort, many people

The Importance of Relapse-Focused Addiction Treatment


What is Relapse? Relapse is defined as the recurrence of a disease – in this case, the disease of addiction – after a time of marked improvement. In this context,

Be Active: How Fitness Can Transform Your Recovery


  It’s safe to say that everyone knows that exercise is a cornerstone of your health – studies show time and time again, that a focus on physical fitness can

How Do I Know If I Need an Alcohol Detox?


Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive disease and it can be fatal if not treated. For the past 32 years, the month of April has been designated as Alcohol Awareness

Building Better Sleep Habits in Recovery


Addiction and poor sleep are bedfellows for several reasons. Prior to recovery, you may have relied on alcohol or drugs to lull you to sleep. Substance use disorders have also

Spring Cleaning for Your Mental Health


When we think of spring cleaning, we picture organizing drawers and closets or prepping our yards — but what about clearing our mental and emotional space? Just as it can

Perfectionism in Early Recovery


While it’s perfectly healthy to strive to do your best, searching for perfection is a surefire way to sabotage your recovery. After all, one of the gifts of recovery is

Patience in Addiction Recovery


It’s normal to want things to happen immediately – after all, smartphones have made us accustomed to instant gratification with just one click of a button. What’s more, when you’re

Three Phases of Relapse


As with any chronic disease, relapse is a reality. In fact, roughly 40 to 60 percent of people who complete addiction treatment will relapse, especially within the first crucial year.

Reasons to Curb Caffeine During Recovery


Whether your go-to beverage is coffee, diet coke or energy drinks, too much caffeine consumption can be harmful to your recovery. Believe it or not, caffeine is the world’s most