symptoms of relapse

What are the Symptoms of Relapse? | National Recovery Month

In recovery, it is not unusual to be tempted by cravings or triggers that could potentially cause a relapse. Understanding the signs and symptoms of relapse can help you better prepare for these temptations so you can stay on track with your recovery. During National Recovery Month, it is...

relapse prevention during a pandemic

Relapse Prevention During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to people across the globe. Social distancing and isolation while staying at home can be difficult. When you are in addiction recovery, these challenges can become even more pronounced. The effects of the coronavirus can understandably make it more difficult to stay...

explaining addiction to a non-addict

Tips for Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addict

Explaining addiction to a non-addict might seem like a tall order. People carry deep misunderstandings about substance use disorders. Changing their thinking about addiction takes time and patience. However, it is essential to make the effort. Misconceptions of addiction have very real consequences for people who need treatment. Many of...

treatment after relapse

If You Relapse, Do You Need to Go Back to Treatment?

Diabetes is never cured. Likewise, doctors rarely tell a cancer patient that their condition is cured; it’s far more likely that if signs and symptoms are gone, they are told that they are in remission. Just like these diseases, there is no cure for addiction; there are strategies to manage...

Relapse is not the end of recovery

Why Relapse Is Not the End of Recovery

Most people’s understanding of substance use disorders is clouded by decades of misinformation. We know more about addiction than ever before, but public awareness simply hasn’t kept the pace. Misconceptions not only hinder people from addressing the challenges they face; they can also cause much harm. How people think and...