Medical Detox

detox from alcohol

How Do You Detox from Alcohol?

Are you ready to move on from your alcohol dependency? The decision to get clean is an important first step. Now you probably have a lot of questions. Alcohol use disorder has affected virtually all aspects of your life and addressing your need to get sober is a significant...

case management

What to Expect from Opiate Detox | Treatment for Opioid Addiction

The first step in an addiction treatment program is detox. You need to cleanse your system of the substance you have been abusing in order to move forward with a healthier mind and body. Successful recovery depends on a quality treatment for opioid addiction and that treatment depends on...

go to detox during COVID-19

Should I Go to Detox During COVID-19?

The coronavirus outbreak has shifted many aspects of everyday life. You have been told to stay home, maintain social distances from others, wash your hands frequently, and use caution in basically everything you do. When you have an addiction to drugs and alcohol and are ready to get the...

is benzo withdrawal dangerous

Is Benzo Withdrawal Dangerous?

Withdrawal is how your body experiences quitting a substance. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on which substance a person has been taking. In some cases, withdrawal can be dangerous if it’s not supervised by professionals. It’s a common question heard by addiction treatment professionals - “Is benzo withdrawal dangerous?” The short...

Medical Detox is Different for Everyone

Why Drug Detox is Different for Everyone

Detox is the first step to recovery. People with a substance use disorder often wonder what to expect when taking that brave first step. Though there are a few things people in drug detox can expect, the process looks different for everyone. Detox varies from person to person partly because...