Tips for Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addict


Explaining addiction to a non-addict might seem like a tall order. People carry deep misunderstandings about substance use disorders. Changing their thinking about addiction takes time and patience. However, it

If You Relapse, Do You Need to Go Back to Treatment?


Diabetes is never cured. Likewise, doctors rarely tell a cancer patient that their condition is cured; it’s far more likely that if signs and symptoms are gone, they are told

How Shame Fuels Addiction


The addiction treatment community is constantly learning more about how shame fuels addiction; the more we learn, the more we can help people move forward in recovery. Guilt, embarrassment, depression,

What is EMDR Therapy – And Can It Help With Addiction?


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) offers hope to people who have been deeply affected by one or more traumatic events. People have complex reactions to trauma, including post-traumatic stress