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staying physically fit in self-quarantine
Staying Physically Fit in Self-Quarantine
2 April

Staying at home for extended periods of time can be challenging. When you are in self-quarantine because of COVID-19, you

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case management
Case Management | What Does a Case Manager Do?
20 March

You’ve recognized that you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction. You are not alone in your search for

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intensive alcohol treatment
Intensive Alcohol Treatment | Short Term Substance Abuse Treatment
6 March

Alcohol use is common in the US. We drink during social events and at dinner. We use alcohol to celebrate

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signs of addiction
Recognizing the Signs of Addiction in Your Loved One
21 February

You think the signs are there but you’re just not sure. You have suspicions but don’t want to overreact. How

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narrative therapy
How Narrative Therapy Can Help in Your Recovery
10 February

We often develop an image of who we are out of the stories we tell ourselves. If we feel depressed,

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benefits of exercise in addiction recovery
5 Surprising Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery
22 January

Substances such as drugs and alcohol can have significant detrimental effects on the physical body as well as on the

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intensive healing program
What is an Intensive Healing Program?
15 January

Addiction affects much more than just the physical body, which is why the most effective recovery programs address the whole

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is benzo withdrawal dangerous
Is Benzo Withdrawal Dangerous?
24 December

Withdrawal is how your body experiences quitting a substance. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on which substance a person has been

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explaining addiction to a non-addict
Tips for Explaining Addiction to a Non-Addict
11 December

Explaining addiction to a non-addict might seem like a tall order. People carry deep misunderstandings about substance use disorders. Changing

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treatment after relapse
If You Relapse, Do You Need to Go Back to Treatment?
27 November

Diabetes is never cured. Likewise, doctors rarely tell a cancer patient that their condition is cured; it’s far more likely

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