Makana Path

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Medical Detox

Cleansing the body with a specialized, substance-specific approach.

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Clinical Care

Clinical programming treats the whole person–not just the addiction.

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Intensive Healing

Helping people erase the self-defeating patterns that prevent us from living the joyful, abundant lives we deserve.

Our Philosophy

Makana means “gift.” Our unmatched specialized and integrated detox and recovery services are designed to give you the gift of healing. Through medically-supervised detox, clinically sophisticated therapies and an emphasis on spiritual health, we can help you heal your mind, body and spirit, and empower you to recreate the life you’ve always wanted.

Intensive Healing Program

Our detox services

The Makana Path Medical Detox Program is an unparalleled solution for recovery from substance use disorder. Medically-supervised detox and clinical programming aim to help clients recover not just from addiction but pivot their life trajectory by treating underlying, unhelpful emotional factors.

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clinical & medical evaluation

Addiction is complicated. An in-depth evaluation allows us to proceed with an individualized, multi-pronged approach.

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alcohol detox

This medically-supervised detox is designed specifically for recovery from alcohol use disorder.

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Drug Detox

Our specialized detox services are designed to facilitate healing for different substances.

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opiate Detox

The first step in cleansing the mind and body from opiate use disorder.

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case management

Expert case managers serve as advocates and allies.

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aftercare monitoring

Ongoing aftercare keeps clients engaged and empowered in treatment and recovery, which leads to lasting outcomes.

Take a Tour

Makana Path’s detox facility is designed to feel like home. Semi-private rooms, cozy common spaces and a fully-stocked kitchen help clients feel comfortable, empowered and at home as they start their recovery journey.

Recover With Us

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We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re ready to experience a life free from addiction, we’re ready to help you get there.

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